Davangere Sugar

Davangere Sugar Company Limited

Board of directors

Mr. S.S Ganesh - (Managing Director)

He is one of the leading Industrialist and businessman. He was appointed as Executive Director of the Company in the year 2000 and later as Managing Director of the company in the year 2002. Under his dynamic leadership the company achieved new heights from technology and financial point of view. The Company commissioned its 24.45 MW Co-generation Plant and synchronized on 24.03.2014 under his able leadership within a record time of 13 months under his dynamic leadership.

He undertook the project of commissioning of Sugar Refinery unit with a capital investment of Rs.3,900 Lacs and expansion of its sugarcane crushing capacity from 3,500 to 5,000 TCD with a capital investment of Rs.2,800 Lacs. And both the projects were completed during the FY 2012-13 and put to commercial operation during the FY 2013-14.

He has shown that by adopting dynamic management skills, professional management and creating an atmosphere for the team work the industry can realize the new heights of achievements.

Mr.S.S. Ganesh has been honored with “BEST BUSINESS LEADERSHIP, CO- GENERATION” awarded by the Solar Energy Society of India with Winrock International, which is an award for the best managed power plant in India. This award was given on 8th February, 2006.

Under his dynamic and professional management, the Company achieved the credit of one of the best managed Company and bestowed with the honor of “INDUSTRIAL EXECELLANCY” in technology and management awarded by the institute of Indian Economic Studies, New Delhi.

He is past Vice- President of South Indian Sugar Mills Association (SISMA) and presently President of the Karnataka Roller Flour Mills Association. He holds honorary positions in various Government and Private Bodies.

Abhijith G. Shamanur – (Executive Director)

He is a qualified Industrial Engineer Graduated from Northeastern University, Boston, U.S.A. He graduated in Master of Business Administration from University at London. He is presently occupied the responsibility in the Company as Executive Director since 3 years.

Smt. Rekha Ganesh: (Non-Executive Director)

She is a Non-executive Director of the Company. She is the spouse of Mr. S S Ganesh, Managing Director of our Company. She is one of the partner in M/s. Lakshmi Floor Mills, taking active participation in management.

Mr. Tumbegere Rudrappa: (Independent Director)

He is a Independent Director of the Company. he has technical qualification from the Industrial Technical Institute, he has got vast experience in Industrial engineering his experience Is great contribution to the company in running the production line in efficient manner.

Mr. Thappagondanahally Rajashekarappa: (Independent Director)

He is a Independent Director of the Company, he is commerce graduate and his expertise are in the field of accounts and direct and indirect taxation, he gives professional advice to our company in accounts and taxation matters.

Veena Umapthy: (Independent Director)

She is a Independent Director of the Company, She is BSc. in Food Technology and has rich experience of over 10 years in her field.