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Davangere Sugar Company Ltd is a prominent player in the sugar business, boasting a present capacity of 4750 TCD (Tonnes of Cane Crushed per Day) at its sugar plant. The company’s sugar unit buildings span an extensive area of approximately 2,83,874 square feet. Additionally, the company has established 5 large warehouses, with a combined capacity to store 6 lakh quintals of sugar, ensuring efficient storage and distribution capabilities.


In FY04, the company successfully commissioned a Co-generation power plant with an impressive installed capacity of 24.45 MWs per day. The Cogen building occupies a substantial area of 1,23,018 square feet, reflecting the scale and efficiency of the power generation facility.
Over the years, the company’s power generation division has witnessed remarkable growth, showcasing its commitment to renewable energy solutions. From generating 4,39,82,700 KWH (Kilowatt-hours) in FY20, the company has achieved significant progress, recording an impressive output of 6,22,17,400 KWH in FY23.



A distillery in a sugar factory typically refers to the section where alcohol, such as ethanol, is produced. This process involves fermenting molasses or other feedstocks containing sugar, followed by distillation to separate the alcohol from other components. The alcohol produced in the distillery can be used for various purposes, including the production of alcoholic beverages, industrial solvents, or as a biofuel.